Activ'Map jQuery Plugin
Powerfull Map with your own Places

The perfect plugin to research and locate custom services and equipments in a city, among other things, Activ'Map is a jQuery plugin using the Google Maps API V3 and Bootstrap 3.x which display a map with markers sorted by categories.
Accordion panels contains checkbox filters (tags) which shows or hides the associated places in a removable panel and the corresponding markers on the Google Maps.
Click on a place to focus on the marker on the map and vice versa.
The markers can be clustered if too numerous. The system is fully responsive so the removable panel displays itself or not according to the device.
Remove or add your own categories, tags and places as many as you want!
Define the center of the map by simply inputting the latitude and the longitude.
Based on HTML5 - CSS3 - Bootstrap 3.x - jQuery - Google Maps API V3

Latest update: 05/08/2021 - By: Pandao

Demo Purchase & Download

Thank you for purchasing our Plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please contact us. Thanks so much!



To implement the Activ'Map on a page, you need to link the following CSS and JS files.

<!-- JQuery -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Bootstrap 3 / Optional -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css">
<script src="bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

<!-- Google Maps API V3 -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Activ'Map plugin -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery-activmap/css/jquery-activmap.css">
<script src="jquery-activmap/js/jquery-activmap.js"></script>
<script src="jquery-activmap/js/markercluster.min.js"></script>
Note that Bootstrap is optional. Activ'Map is ready to run with Bootstrap if you want to implement the plugin in a website using Bootstrap. It's required in the Demo for example.

Then, all that you have to do is call the Activ'Map on the page with your own places.

    //Activ'Map plugin init
        places : [
            {title:'Place_1', address:'XX Str City', phone:'+XX XX XXXX', tags:['tag_01'], lat:XX.XXX, lng:-X.XXX, img:'pic_1.jpg'},
            {title:'Place_2', address:'XX Str City', phone:'+XX XX XXXX', tags:['tag_01','tag_02'], lat:XX.XXX, lng:-X.XXX, img:'pic_2.jpg'}

Basic HTML code

<!-- Reset button -->
<a id="activmap-reset" href="#">Reset</a>

<!-- List of filters -->
<input type="checkbox" name="marker_type[]" value="my_tag_01"> TAG 1<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="marker_type[]" value="my_tag_02"> TAG 2<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="marker_type[]" value="my_tag_03"> TAG 3<br>

<div id="activmap-wrapper">
    <!-- Places panel (auto removable) -->
    <div id="activmap-places" class="hidden-xs">
        <div id="activmap-results-num"></div>
    <!-- Map wrapper -->
    <div id="activmap-canvas"></div>

JSON use

You can also use JSON file to define your places. Simply enter the url of this file instead of the default array of places.

    //Activ'Map plugin init
        places : '/places.json'

JSON example:

    "places": [
        {"title":'Place_1', "address":'XX Str City', "phone":'+XX XX XXXX', "tags":['tag_01'], "lat":XX.XXX, "lng":-X.XXX, "img":'pic_1.jpg'},
        {"title":'Place_2', "address":'XX Str City', "phone":'+XX XX XXXX', "tags":['tag_01','tag_02'], "lat":XX.XXX, "lng":-X.XXX, "img":'pic_2.jpg'}

General options

Name Expected type / values Description Example
places array or url of .json file list of place objects
{title, address, phone, tags, lat, lng, img}
lat numeric latitude of the center 51.499418
lng numeric longitude of the center 51.499418
zoom integer [0-21] default zoom level on load
autogeolocate true or false enables / disables the auto geolocation on load to set the center of the map
cluster true or false enables / disables clustering for large amounts of markers
mapType "roadmap", "satellite", "perspective" as the name suggests
posPanel "left" or "right" position of the removable panel
showPanel true or false shows / hides the removable panel
radius integer max radius around the position in kilometers 20 for 20km
country text (2 characters - ISO 3166-1) to limit to 1 country (optional) "ca": Canada, "us": United States, "fr": France
styles object map styles snazzy maps styles
request "strict" or "large" type of request on click strict: display of the places which respect all the checked tags
large: display of the places which respect one of the checked tags
locationTypes array
Supported types: geocode, address, establishment, (regions), locality, sublocality, postal_code, country, administrative_area_level_1, administrative_area_level_2, (cities), administrative_area_level_3
types of locations returned by autocomplete requests e.g. ['geocode','establishment']
show_center true or false shows / hides the marker of the center of the map

Place object attributes

Name Expected type / values Description Example
title text title of the place Harrods
address text address of the place 87-135 Brompton Road London SW1X 7XL, United Kingdom
phone text phone of the place +44 20 7730 1234
tags array list of filters the place belongs to ['shops_01','shops_02']
lat numeric latitude of the marker 51.499418
lng numeric longitude of the marker -0.163239
url text URL of a website
img text image path (logo, sign...) path/image.jpg
icon text marker icon path path/icon.png
custom text your own custom content (html)